Patched arrow still points


My guess is that a lot of drivers (going fast, maybe, or driving at night, or texting) missed the left-to-right dogleg turn on Sharon Hollow Road, right there at the cemetery, and that it happened so often that a warning arrow was installed.

No one wanted to fill up the cemetery with bad drivers.

Sharon Hollow Cemetery
near Manchester, Michigan

photographed 4.19.2013

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  1. But it was convenient to have the cemetery right at the turn. Nice catch.


    • Which came first – the cemetery or the curve?!


      • The answer probably can be found in who owns the cemetery and how desperate they were for customers. Commercial manipulation at its lowest? Or, respectful avoidance of sacred ground?

        Do you think those patches are fixing bullet holes?


      • Well, I am feeling magnanimous just now, so let’s go with “respectful avoidance of sacred ground.”

        Re. bullet hole: if this were in Texas, OF COURSE that would be the case. I don’t know about Michigan. Also, the weather was terrible that day and I ignored my own rule – “look around back” – so I don’t know what the back of the sign looked like. I can tell you that whenever Google Street View shots were taken the sign didn’t have any patches on it….


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