Taco dinner (last chance, for a while)

If you were thinking that the perfect dinner tomorrow night would involve tacos, and you’ve got the time to make a quick trip to Manchester, Michigan, head for Madison Street, the last block before the river. It’s all you can eat!

But also: it’s the last taco dinner until September.

Manchester, Michigan
photographed 4.19.2013

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  1. Mush as I love tacos, i will have to miss this dinner. The tacos can’t be any better than this photo, though.


  2. I do hope this isn’t the only diner in town! Otherwise people will be feeling pretty hungry by September!


  3. Clever marketing, a bit like the carpet salesmen around here, with their perpetual going out of business sales.

    Those are great windows, from the days when large sheets of glass were hard to come by and yet large window openings were wanted. Now a large sheet of glass is so much cheaper than getting all that woodwork made up.


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