“Business route” is optimistic


It’s the same story: once the interstate came through, all the little businesses along what is now optimistically called the business route began to fade. Here there are several miles of abandoned gas stations, truck stops, restaurants, and other buildings whose previous life is now indeterminable.

It’s a sad sight.

Unless I see it: then it’s a town full of opportunities.

Rio Pecos Ranch Truck Terminal
(now closed) (which you could already tell)
Santa Rosa, New Mexico

photographed 5.4.2013

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  1. My Realtor would describe this as a “fixer upper”. And he’d be serious about it too. The real sad part about this photo is that this is happening all across America.


    • Yes, it is sad. Every town between Lubbock and Santa Rosa (200 miles) looks more or less the same. Actually, Santa Rosa may be slightly better off than some of them because it cashes in on the Route 66 nostalgia and it has a scuba dive site that’s very busy. The decline of these rural towns has huge impacts, and it’s hard to imagine that it is reversible to any large degree.


  2. It is a sad thing, but you are making art from it, which makes a small patch that is a bit brighter.


    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I never had any sort of grand vision for this: it’s evolved from all these years of blogging and taking enough photos to post every day. I guess the lesson is to follow what feels right, and see where it leads.


      • Ha! Just looking at all your spam that somehow snuck through the filters. I got some of the same ones today. Such a bloody nuisance.


      • Those are weird comments, aren’t they? They ALMOST make sense, relative to the post, but not quite. What’s the point of them?

        (Oh, well, drives up the stats a little bit, I suppose.)


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