White on white, 6


The calendar led me to believe it might be warm; it was the third week of April, after all.  It was not warm; it wasn’t even cool.  So my day of photographing rural Michigan devolved into whatever I could shoot in brief forays from the car.

Fortunately, the caretaker’s shack at this cemetery was close by and I was able to get a few shots before my fingers got too cold to work the shutter release.  (And, yes, I DID have gloves.  But gloves that are really toasty in Texas are mostly just decorative in Michigan.)

This side of the building, the west, had a lot more peeling paint than the other sides.  That, plus what I observed that day, make me think that harsh winds from the west occur with some degree of regularity.  In that way, it was a lot like home.

Oak Grove Cemetery
Manchester, Michigan
photographed 4.19.2013

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  1. Winters are long in Michigan but they make up for it by having really short summers.
    I love the balance and texture on this photo. I would hang this in my living room.


    • “A Prairie Home Companion” did a broadcast from Lubbock last night, and the length of Minnesota winters v. the length of Texas winters was discussed…..

      One a side note, all photos on the site are available for sale or trade…. (Ehpem and I, for example, have traded prints.)


  2. love the textures on the boarded up window, Melinda


  3. Fantastic texture. Love it!


  4. Simply effective – great textures.


  5. Surely this should be included in your white on white series (is that what you called it?). Nice shot. I hate chipboard, but that bit in the window is pretty cool. The door is terrific.


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