A transportation question


A group of pedestrians, just starting their crossing of East Wacker Drive, on the corner of Michigan Avenue.  The half-dozen Amish folks crossed the street, then headed into Fanny May Candies.

It was only later that I wondered how, exactly, they traveled to the middle of Chicago.  Perhaps someone could explain it to me?

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.14.2013

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  1. Some orders of the Amish allow the occasional use of trains and even planes for distance traveling. Some can ride in autos but they can’t drive or own one. Their communities are usually breathtakingly beautiful but they don’t like to be gawked at, generally speaking. I also think that there are differences in the Amish communities in PA, Illinois, Ohio and other locations, too.
    The backdrop in this photo is very nice and it shows respect for the people.


    • I had a little bit of a debate with myself in the two seconds I had to decide whether or not to take the photo, and a longer one about posting it: I didn’t want to be (or appear to be) disrespectful.

      Thanks for your explanation, too. Once I had the “how did THAT work?” thought, it was hard to get past it!


  2. Nice capture. It is always a dilemma when one take street photos . But here I think that because there is a larger group of different persons there is no problem.
    It is nice how you arrange that viewer eye is going from relief on the wall directly to people’s foot . Very well done.


  3. A fascinatingly diverse collection of people. I can appreciate your dilemma, but I think this is a sympathetic image, and an ideal background too.


  4. For me the icing on this delectable cake is the walk symbol in the crossing light. Street photography and I have no direct relationship other than by looking at what other people do. It is pretty interesting to see how people approach it. I like this shot. Did you use a honking big DSLR, or some small discrete alternative?


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