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Frank Gehry’s busy


And so is his architecture, most of which gives me a headache.

This one was no exception.

Millennium Park
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.13.2013

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Angel branches


If you ask me, the best thing to see in Chicago is the Graceland Cemetery; its website proclaims it to be a Chicago treasure, and I certainly agree with that.

I was glad I visited early in the spring, before the trees had leafed out – otherwise I’d have not seen this angel, or at least not seen her this way.

I’ve posted other shots from this cemetery, including illustrating what acid rain does to statues, an odd combination of flowers and a serpent, and a statue that inspired a poem.

If you go, be sure to stop off at the office, where you can get a map showing the location of the most famous dead people there. You’ll be surprised at how many you’ve heard of.

Graceland Cemetery
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.16.2013

A substantial sky, 2


Another substantial sky, as a follow up to this one.

When I was in Chicago last spring, I was able to check out a bit of the city between sessions at my conference*. One afternoon, I went to Navy Pier to see what I could see. Maybe I was there on the wrong day, or in the wrong season: there wasn’t too much going on.

Oh, except for that storm.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.15.2013

*I really did go to the sessions.

Some things have surprising connections


I took this shot in April, when the weeping willows surrounding this huge memorial were just starting to leaf out. A few weeks later and the view of the memorial would have been obscured. I’ve looked at this shot several times since I took it, thinking it would be good for the blog, then changing my mind for various reasons that I don’t even recall.

This time, when I looked at it, I was reminded of the little cross I saw in the cemetery in Marathon, Texas, which was also partially obscured by vegetation:


So, from the huge memorial for Potter and Bertha Palmer in the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, to an unmarked cross in Texas – some things are the same, even when they are different.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.16.2013

Marathon, Texas
photographed 8.17.2013

Dream 4


Maybe I am one, too.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.14.2013

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