A substantial sky


Out here, in this part of Texas, there are lots of opportunities to shoot skies, and I’ve been known to shoot a few myself. Almost always, though, the skies are, well, skies – without much else going on.

But if there’s a chance to photograph a nice sky and an interesting building, why not take it?

Not only that, but this building has my favorite kind of brick on it.  What?  You mean not everyone has a “favorite brick”?  That’s very hard to believe.  But I bet by now you are wondering what my favorite is, aren’t you?  It’s Roman brick, with is long and skinny compared to standard brick.  (Here’s a handy chart.) The darker brick on this building is Roman brick; you can see it better if you click to enlarge the photo.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.29.2012

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  1. Three cheers for bricks – we don’t have too many in the PNW… lots of wood instead. Lovely image.


  2. The brick and the building has that modern mid-century look that is my favorite. My house is a standard brick. It’s nice and it’s built like a Canadian outhouse, but it’s not as nice as this.


    • Mid-century is my favorite style, too, which is probably because I, too, am mid-century….

      Do you think Ehpem will be offended by your “Canadian outhouse” reference?!


      • Why would he be offended by a compliment?


      • I just hope he knows that it IS a compliment!


      • My first reading of Ken’s sentence was “It’s built like a Canadian outhouse, but not as nice”. I like that reading, though I doubt I have ever been in an outhouse as nice as Ken’s place must be. My family cabin has an outhouse that has been standing since the 1930’s, no brick though; wood poles with gaps on three sides, and open on the far side from the cabin. Flimsy even if durable.

        BTW, I have dug up Roman bricks, including part of the Londinium (London) wall. Real ones, while proportionally longer and bigger than modern ‘normal’ bricks, don’t look much like these ones.


      • I think the term for the outhouse at your family’s cabin is “airy”!

        I guess what you’ve dug up have been actual Roman bricks; the ones in this photo would be either “Roman” or roman bricks. I’ll have to consult a style manual, maybe, to find out for sure.


  3. Ominous sky.
    It’s wonderful!
    Thank you for the brick info.
    Now I know that I grew up in a standard brick house. 🙂


  4. Typical Texas sky. Thanks for pointing me to that site about bricks etc. I have bricks around the house as decorations. I prefer the sandy-pink with gray-black specks but maybe they do not make them any more… and I like the decorative thin type but even a true simple red brick weighs wonderfully in the hand. The Roman type on that building looks great. I bet the place is all lit up at night, or was.


    • I like bricks, too. The house I grew up in was made from used brick (which was sort of ahead of its time, I guess, since it was built in the mid 1960s). The bricks were all different, and I had favorite bricks on the house. The one I liked best was on the front of the house, beside the garage – it had a black glazed finish on it.


  5. Thanks to you, as I drove down Main Street in Abernathy today, I noted the First State Bank was built with Roman brick. Never knew that this past half century.


  6. Stormy rather threatening sky that goes well with this sombre looking building. I’m amazed at the number of wires that appear to be heading inward – but I think most are actually just passing by. In a strange way they anchor this shot and become an asset rather than an abomination which is more often the case.


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