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Maybe you’ll agree that this needed to be in color because of the tension between the warm, yellow light on the right side and the blue-hour light coming in the window on the left.

Metropolitan Barber Shop
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.24.2018


A year ago, things were normal. I didn’t know it; I just thought things were…things. And I was traveling for work. And people were playing in the water. And I was making photos.

You know, normal.

Crown Fountain
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 8.27.2019

Typical Situation

Sometimes you just have to do it – the cliched shot is right there, waiting on you to make it. This was, of course, one of those times.

(PS – I used DxO’s Perspective Efex plug-in to get those verticals all lined up – it worked great and you should try it, if you’ve got verticals that aren’t, you know, vertical.)

from the Wells Street Bridge
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.28.2018

this looks like a sad story

I’ve tried since June 25, 2018, to develop a scenario where a dozen red roses in the trash at a subway station could have been from a happy event. But no matter how I look at it, I can only see a sad story.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.25.2018

The Posers

What’s happening? Yesterday my post had a half of a person in it, and today there are two whole people. Wow. Believe me, I am as surprised by this as you are.

I sat in this spot for a while, watching a steady stream of people perch on that stone ledge to have their photo taken. Most of them were in poses similar to the one here, which made me start to wonder how they all know that’s The One Right Way To Sit – is there a guidebook or something?

But these two had an added value, of a sort, with the photo-taker also striking a pose.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 8.26.2019

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