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That family over there seems to be a little skeptical about what is going on with the fountain. And in spite of how the photo looks, they didn’t actually get wet. As far as I know.

Crown Fountain
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.27.2022

Crown Fountain: 9:00 pm

A completely unplanned nighttime walk around my little part of Chicago led me to a free concert at the Pritzker Pavilion, some attempts at low-light street photography around Cloud Gate, and this set of silhouettes against Crown Fountain. It was my last night in the city and I think it provided me with a lovely parting gift.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.30.2022


A year ago, things were normal. I didn’t know it; I just thought things were…things. And I was traveling for work. And people were playing in the water. And I was making photos.

You know, normal.

Crown Fountain
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 8.27.2019

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