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the importance of hydration

If you were here yesterday, you saw my great confession about how I’ve totally pissed away a lot of photography years by refusing to photograph people.

And I am still sticking with that assessment.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.30.2022

the photographers

This is the story of one thing I got right and another thing that I got wrong.

Almost from the beginning of thinking of myself as a photographer, I was steadfast in my refusal to photograph people. I just…didn’t. What I pretended was an Important Artist Decision™ was mostly just me being an idiot, being too afraid to try, being afraid someone might notice me or challenge me or yell at me or whatever. That’s the part I got very, very wrong.

The part I got right was that I needed to be in places that were more populated, where there were lots of people out on the streets doing their things. Lubbock is not exactly a pedestrian-friendly place, so on top of not being a huge city, no one is really outside and it’s hard to find subjects and harder to blend in, to be patient about waiting for something photo-worthy to happen.

So, earlier in the summer when I was in Chicago, I went for a photo walk with a street photographer that I’d met on Instagram, and he was kind enough to share his favorite locations with me. And then, later in the week, I ventured out on my own and discovered that street photography is, in fact, something that I can do.

Now I am trying not to think about how many good photos I’ve missed over the years because I was too afraid to push myself.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.30.2022

Saint Anthony

I don’t know that I have ever seen a hospital advertisement on a bridge. It did make me wonder about the safety of the road ahead – like maybe if you got in a wreck, you’d remember that the last thing you’d seen said “Saint Anthony Hospital” and you’d be coherent enough to tell the EMS that was where you wanted to be taken.

And on another note, that bridge itself looks like it might need some kind of medical attention.

Chicago, Illinois
July 1, 2022

PS: This was made from the passenger seat. In case you were worried.


During my trip to Chicago, I was working on an assignment for an online photography class on narrow depth of field. Because I was sort of obsessive about looking for photos to submit for the image review, and because I had already thought about the possibilities at a Cubs game, I was ready when the gentleman a few rows ahead of me held his phone up to get a photo of the action. Without that assignment in my head, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed what he was doing. It was nice of him to help me with my assignment, don’t you think?

Wrigley Field
Chicago, Illinois

photographed 6.29.2022


That afternoon light did me a huge favor, spotlighting the bridge tower like that. And then a boat went by! It was practically an embarrassment of photographic riches, and that’s even without the iconic Chicago Tribune sign over there on the right side….

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.27.2022

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