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fancy curtains

The Pink Elephant Antique mall is located in what used to be a high school; I didn’t go inside the mall but I did walk around it to see what was hiding from general view. And that’s how I spotted this door with some fancy lace curtains on it.

I don’t generally self-identify as being a person who’s dismayed by disorder, but will tell you right now that the lace going in different directions on those doors makes me feel very anxious. What kind of monster DOES that?

Livingston, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022


There was just something I liked about this array of mailboxes. I liked the arch of the now-bricked basement window, I liked that big mailbox off by itself, I liked the escaping mail in box E, and I like the jaunty angle of box D.

Mt. Olive, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022

all the saints are here

As I mentioned yesterday, I found the statue store right there on the main street of Benld, Illinois. Even though I have all the religious statues that I need*, I wish the place had been open: I would have liked to see this array of saints up close.

Benld, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022

*Zero. I have zero religious statues. And that’s exactly how many I need.


I didn’t know what I’d see that Sunday morning on the main street of Benld. Maybe a bank. Or a liquor store. Or two or three dollar stores. I surely did not anticipate a store full of weathered religious statuary.

But that is indeed what was there, one door down from Stan’s Barber Shop and across the street from the Hebenstreit Apartments.

You just never know…

Benld, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022

side door

The county courthouse in Carlinville stands tall and cuts an imposing silhouette against the backdrop of a small town. The building was constructed between 1867-1870 and has a lot of beautiful Beaux Arts details. But the thing that caught my attention was this humble side door.

Carlinville, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022

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