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the world as we knew it, 5

Here’s the latest of my sporadic series of ICM images. This one was made last summer in Chicago, in the Lakeshore East Park.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.28.2022

press button

Here’s a way to have a local museum without actually, you know HAVING a local museum.

Gardner, Illinois
photographed 7.1.2022

one more thing i can’t explain

The thing is that at some point, making this dinosaur make really good sense to someone. It was maybe even the best idea they’d had in their whole life.

That day was…not the day I was there.

Benld, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022

land of lincoln (he was everywhere)

It makes me happy to know that good ol’ Abe is still there, keeping watch on things as varied as a Thai restaurant, cracked sidewalks, and planters that are decorated with vintage advertisements. In this part of the country, Abe never rests – you can spot him nearly anywhere, keeping an eye on things.

Carlinville, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022


I am so happy that the Pig-Hip Restaurant has been around for over 50 years. That truly is quite an accomplishment, isn’t it?

And also, “pig-hip”?

Broadwell, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022

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