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Slowly, she dissolves


The carved angel at the Kimball grave holds her contemplative pose as she is slowly dissolved by acid rain.

According to Jonathan Appell of New England Cemetery Services, acid rain is the fastest growing destructive force affecting cemeteries today; when left unchecked, acid rain can completely destroy a gravestone.

Poor angel:  her face is already gone.


Graceland Cemetery
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.16.2013

Madonna of the Sun


On that cold morning, the Madonna looked liked she’d climbed atop the urn to better catch a ray of sunlight, as she tried to warm her marble bones.

St. Thomas the Apostle Cemetery
Ann Arbor, Michigan

photographed 4.20.2013

Power plant door gleams in cold sunlight


On the banks of the Huron River, in Ann Arbor, the wind felt like it was straight from the Arctic. The clouds that had followed us from Chicago were breaking up, but not until they’d dropped a bit of snow overnight.

The first mill on this part of the Huron River was built in 1833, and the adjacent millpond eventually served a flour mill, a woolen mill, a paper mill, and other industries. The “new” hydroelectric station, shown here, was constructed in 1914.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
photographed 4.20.2013

She watched, suspiciously


I was walking along West Irving Park Road, toward the Red line station on North Sheffield, when this hot dog stand caught my eye. The woman taking her pre-lunch cigarette break next door eyed me, detached herself from the wall, and took one step toward the street to better see what I saw. She soon returned her attention to her cigarette.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.16.2013

Heaven on a Sunday morning


Of course you knew this: that the very instant I first saw this place, which was on a Friday night, I made plans to go back on a Sunday morning just so I could use “Heaven on a Sunday morning” as the title of a blog post.*

As it turns out, heaven isn’t too crowded on Sundays. Just a couple of guys working on repairing the brick street, a man on a bicycle who was shopping the trashcans, and me.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.7.2013

*I realize I could have actually taken this photograph any day of the week and just pretended I took it on a Sunday. But I wouldn’t do that.

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