Red Line bridge is patriotic


You know how this works: you pack up the camera after having taken approximately one billion photographs* at the extremely photogenic and historic cemetery. And you start walking back to catch the train. Then you see “USA” painted on the bridge. You have a brief debate with yourself. Unpack camera and get the shot? Keep walking? (Repeat, rapidly, three times.)

Then you take the shot. You knew how the debate would end. But, still, you had to have it.

along West Irving Park Road
Chicago, Illinois

photographed 4.16.2013

*Editor’s Note: OF COURSE it wasn’t one billion photographs. It was 139. Some people may have a tendency to exaggerate.

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  1. I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate!!!
    Seriously, I’m glad you took the time to get the shot.


  2. I thought you were going to say the camera battery was dead. 🙂


    • Not this time – but recently I did drive all the way across town to take some photos only to discover that not only was my camera battery dead but that the spare battery was home, in the charger….


      • But, was the card in the camera? If so, you would still have been ahead of my recent antics which saw me trying to take pictures with a curiously lighter camera, no card, no batteries and no spares of either. I hate that.


      • On the Sunday morning that I took photos of that club called Heaven, I got all the way there and then discovered that the battery was dead and the spare was (of course) at home. I went back home to get a functioning battery, but was meeting a friend for coffee, so my shooting time was short because I made a rookie mistake.


  3. I can’t tell you how often I lose the debate only to wish later on that I’d stopped and just taken the shot. You snooze, you lose as the saying goes.


  4. I know that debate well! Of course there is the other debate, when to first take out the camera. This happens quite often when you have a ways to walk to your actual shooting destination but you know if you take out the camera, you’ll take a lot more shots, and make reach your intended target much, much later. 🙂


  5. I know the dilemma. That’s why I never put the camera away but hang onto it in my sweaty little hand! If it’s tucked away Laziness will struggle with Inspiration and sometimes that’s a close call.


  6. I don’t usually have my camera with me – it seems too big to take to work, or along on chores. I need a smaller camera so I could have this kind of debate rather than all those “oh crap, I wish I had a camera with me” moments.


    • I have a point-and-shoot (a castoff from Larry) but I don’t like it. It’s harder to use than my DSLR! I recall that you purchased a camera as a Christmas gift – which one did you get, and would you recommend it? (I am close to giving that crummy camera back, as now I see why he was so anxious to give it to me!)


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