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eventually the dream fades

Anther downtown shop window – this one is filled up with two giant dresses, hand lettered signs, and reflections. But the best part is the way the sign and dress on the left are fading into the reflected background, like so many dreams involving giant dresses tend to do.

(And, also, like so many dreams in general did for this entire damn year. It’s another metaphor!)

Dodge City, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

Giant dresses

Those are some BIG dresses, aren’t they? Also, if you were wearing one of them, it seems like you’d be trapped in the room where you got dressed, since they’re wider than the door.

(I photographed this for my friend Ehpem, who did some research on quinceañeras after I posted this picture. I’d promised a photo of the dresses, and here it is.)

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.17.2017

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