Call Brady


My mom listened to KFYO radio every day. (Even the noon farm report, for some reason.)

I can remember the radio commercials that this plumbing company ran, with their “Lady, call Brady” tagline. I am guessing that from the looks of the place these days, any lady who DID call Brady would probably not get an answer…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.28.2013

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  1. I guess “Lady, call Brady” is a better tag line then “Brady is shady”. Still, it makes a nice photo.


  2. Nice picture – I like the Brady’s shady front.

    Even French lady Yelpeurs are out of luck with Brady:

    Les Yelpeurs signalent que cet endroit est fermé. Trouver un endroit similaire.


  3. love the printing font they used and the cheesy slogan, cheesy ones are always easiest to remember i guess?!


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