I only report what I see


This is the biggest understatement I’ve ever read about this particular stretch of highway, known as the River Road: Nobody gets on FM-170 by mistake.

But if you do find yourself on this highway, with its mighty views of mountains along the Texas-Mexico frontier, you might see an old movie set or a ghost town or an cemetery or two.

And, you can also see this teepee-themed rest area.

River Road (FM 170)
near Lajitas, Texas
photographed 1.19.2013

UPDATE: December 2
In response to a request to see the rest of the teepees:

112813 A

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  1. I consider that the most beautiful and interesting drive in Texas. I love that whole region.


  2. Triangles? You are leaving me to imagine the other half of the rectangle, which is a bit much for a Sunday morning in pyjamas (which goes to show i should have looked at it when you first posted it).


    • Sorry that this proved to be so difficult! Maybe I should change the tagline to “First, coffee.” as a reminder that there may be certain risks associated with reading this blog too early on a weekend morning.


      • I have had my tea now, but those triangles are still disconcerting.


      • Do they go away if you shut your eyes? If not, maybe I accidentally posted a shot of Diabolical Non-Vanishing Triangles. My apologies on that….


      • Surely the aim is to post photographs that nail themselves to the retinas of your viewers? Great shots, long remembered? I am not sure, in the absence of complete rectangles, that this shot sticks with me. Even so, my retinas are grafitti’d with your (and others’) photos – some front and centre, others lurking in my peripheral vision, waiting to pounce.


      • Gracious. Things inside your head sound….confusing.


      • Often they are. You just got a glimpse of it. I need more tea.


      • I can’t decide if you need more caffeine or less…

        Is it too early to switch to Caol Ila?


      • 12:08 = afternoon = time-is-right. The Caol Ila is all gone, So at your urging I just poured a Bruichladdich – not quite as good, but fine for what is now 12:10 🙂


      • Problem = solved.

        (While under the influence of your blog post that noted Caol Ila to be “essential equipment” I purchased a bottle; it is not – yet – empty, so if you can get here soon, I’d be happy to share.)


      • The Bruichladdich is very nearly gone as well.
        It too is essential equipment – I was just photographing a cup (for the potter who did not remember making such a thing as the cup we described) and the bottle (or rather it’s nice tall round tin) turned out to support a reflecting card really well. Better than my Olympus Pen which I tried first – it was too small.


  3. how frustrating! i wanna see the rest :/


  4. That second shot was worthy of a post of its very own!


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