In a ghost town, do ghosts go to church?


I guess this is slightly related to the earlier post from the cemetery at the Terlingua ghost town.

Up the hill from the cemetery, and facing away from the town, is this little church. The only evidence that anyone had been around lately was an apple wedge, slightly dessicated, on the altar.

I am not too sure what this means, but my favorite part was the way the altar cloth hangs lower on the left.

Terlingua, Texas

photographed 1.20.2013

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  1. ‘hangs lower on the left’ – that is very subtle, I would not have noticed if you had not mentioned it. Best part of photo for me is the ceiling – wonderful!
    This is a very spartan church (while there is probably a place in TX called Spartan, that is not what I meant). I am assuming churches are not all like this in Texas, though it fits with the rustic kind of image that Texas loves to project.


    • TRUE STORY: There’s not a town in Texas named Spartan, but the agency I work for operates a rural public transit system that’s called SPARTAN. (It stands for something that I can’t ever remember.)

      The ceiling is very nice – it gives the little church the feeling of being quite a bit bigger than it really is.

      Not all churches look like this. But the ones that don’t wish they did.


  2. Did you eat at the starlight theater??


  3. Terrific, what a great shot! Love those dark shadows, Melinda, they totally crank up the drama factor on this one!


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