Dry ground, wood crosses


Approximately a million miles from anywhere (my estimate) lies the Terlingua ghost town. It’s a relic of long-gone quicksilver mines. But it also has the Starlight Theater, hosts the Terlingua International Chili Championship, and was referenced in the title of Jerry Jeff Walker’s famous album ¡Viva Terlingua!, which was released in 1973.

That’s kind of a lot, for a ghost town.

It also has a cemetery, where most of the markers – the ones that are still legible, anyway – date back to the town’s mining days in the early part of the last century. Most of the graves have jars or bottles that hold candles; I had a sense that ghostly visitors come at night, moving from grave to grave, lighting candles as they go. I would like to see it on a starry night – maybe the ghosts will be there, too.

Terlingua, Texas

photographed 1.20.2013

Note 1: See the people in the photo on the Starlight Theater link? I think almost the very same people were there the day I was….
Note 2: Seriously, 1973? How old am I that I actually bought a copy. When it came out. On vinyl. In 1973.

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  1. Gonzo Country!

    The people in the Starlight Theatre link don’t look real – there is something about those photos that is a bit creepy – like a waxworks.

    I like your photo – somehow it looks like the more distant crosses are rising from mist. Which is also a bit creepy.


    • Maybe the Starlight IS a waxworks, which would explain why I saw the very same people when I was there! The cemetery was…otherworldly. I want to go back, at night, and see if I get the same feeling. Oh, and to take a few (hundred) pictures.


      • It could be very interesting at night. You might have to bring a bag of candles in case you miss one of the lit nights. Those photos would probably have traces of tripods in them too!


      • If I didn’t hate the term “bucket list” so much (see today’s post), I could add a night-time visit to this cemetery to my BL. As it is, though, all I can say is “I would certainly like to return to this cemetery some evening.”


      • I hate that term too. Where the heck did it come from and how did it spring from nowhere to ubiquity seemingly overnight a year or two ago?


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