So, it IS a thing!


Remember the other day when I wondered if abandoned oil company shacks with boats parked next to them was a thing?

It appears that, yes, it is a thing: another sighting!

Lamesa, Texas

photographed 1.17.2013

PS – To my readers: let me know if you spot similar setups! I might have to start a whole new blog….

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  1. Nice shot. Love these old buildings 🙂


  2. I can’t believe you found another one. This is very weird. Being an ignorant Canadian – when I am not busy repairing my igloo and have time to think about far away places, I think of Texas as dry desert, eaten to bare dirt by thin cows dodging gun toting rangers hunting for illegal immigrants and the only liquid being petroleum aquifers, mostly sucked dry.
    So, where the hell do boats come into the picture? Does this mean there are actually lakes, or rivers deep enough to not rip the leg off an outboard motor? Or are they refugees from Minnesota, soaking up a bit of sun and healing the bug bites before they head back north for the summer fishing season?


    • And, get this: someone posted on my Facebook page that they’d spotted another oil shack/boat duo, this time in a place called Littlefield, Texas. I will be headed there soon to document it.

      We have lakes here. Really. With water, and everything. Around Lubbock they are mostly man-made and generally sources of municipal water supplies.

      “Thin cows dodging gun toting rangers hunting for illegal immigrants” is one of the best things you’ve written on my comments page. Kudos!


      • So, that is a fair summary of Texas? It should perhaps include reference to high and dry boats and abandoned oil company shacks. I think you have posted shots from Littlefield, it rings a bell. That will be fun to get another one. Now that you know they are a thing, you will probably start seeing them every few weeks. It would make an interesting book – so bizarre really.


    • Yes, I did a three or four day series from Littlefield not too long ago. So far, the book o’ shacks-and-boats will be pretty short, but I will keep looking. Who knows – there might be enough to really do a book someday! If so, I’ll list you in the credits and we can plan a Texas and British Columbia book signing tour.


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