Gulf Oil and a boat, twice

Abernathy, Texas
photographed 9.15.2012

Slaton, Texas
photographed 1.12.2011

Is this a thing?

Each of these Gulf Oil shacks has a boat parked next to it. I was poking around in the archive o’ photos the other night when I noticed this. I think I need to set out across the state (or even the country?) researching this to see if it IS a thing.

Both boats appear to have telephone poles sprouting out of them. What’s with that?

And on a sad note, the building in Slaton has been torn down.

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  1. The pole sprouting thing – I believe that question is about the photographer and their sense of composition, even if unconscious. Looks to me like they might have painted the Co. name using the same stencil. There probably was some employee that went around doing this job on newly erected ‘facilities’, so that the local operator would not get too individual.


    • I agree about the stencil’s use on the buildings! I sort of remembered the first building when I photographed the second one, but I didn’t remember the details of the boat and the pole at all. Yep, I think it’s probably fair to say that “unconscious” is my primary mode when photographing…


  2. Superb captures and very good B&W.


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