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like a fish out of water

This part of Texas is not what anyone would call lake-infested. And the lakes that we do have are usually less than full. Which I guess explains this fairly common sight: an non-workable boat parked next to a building.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 8.22.2021

Going up against chaos

My regular reader(s) already knows that I often photograph restrooms, and that reader is nice enough to not laugh to my face about that.

But this is a reason why I have that weird little habit: that turned-over trash can was just ASKING to be photographed, if you ask me.

Another one of my weird photographic habits, which my brain tends to do all on its own without any assistance from me, is to place song lyrics in my head when I see scenes like this. Usually they are Bruce Cockburn lyrics and usually they don’t seem to have a very strong connection to the actual scene. Today’s lyrics, suggested by Melinda’s Brain, come from a song called “Going up Against Chaos.” And if you listen to the lyrics and can figure out a connection to this photo, please let me know: I’ll be damned if I can tell what it is.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 2.17.2021


I guess the pool never got drained at the end of last summer. It didn’t look at all inviting in the spring. I mean, it wasn’t as bad as some pools I’ve seen, but still it was a far cry from the sparkling ready-for-summer pool that I wanted to see.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 4.4.2020

When I should have had a red filter

I am my own worst enemy. How much room does a red filter take up? None, practically. How much better are b+w photos with sky and clouds when you use one? A lot. Yet somehow, there I was shooting without one.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 4.4.2020

Several Debras

And then, just as I turned the corner, I spotted this slightly disturbing scene. On closer inspection, I discovered they are all named Debra…

Slaton, Texas
photographed 2.29.2020

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