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Where do white doors lead?


Near downtown Lamesa, if you wander down the right street, you’ll find this side yard of a business. There’s something about that white door that seems a bit menacing….

Lamesa, Texas

photograped 3.19.2012

Outdoor plumbing


On the other side of this building, is a nice little tableaux that includes corrugated metal, a pair of square windows, and a toilet. Although of course, the toilet isn’t functional: there’s not a flush lever. Yeah – that’s the only thing that keeps it from being operational.

Also, some might suggest (Ahem, Ehpem – I am looking at you) a certain Mondrian-esque quality to this shot. Perhaps another haiku is in order?

Lamesa, Texas

photographed 1.17.2013

So, it IS a thing!


Remember the other day when I wondered if abandoned oil company shacks with boats parked next to them was a thing?

It appears that, yes, it is a thing: another sighting!

Lamesa, Texas

photographed 1.17.2013

PS – To my readers: let me know if you spot similar setups! I might have to start a whole new blog….

August 21

This is important: walk down the alley. That’s usually where the good subjects hide.

Lamesa, Texas

photographed 3.19.2012

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