Outdoor plumbing


On the other side of this building, is a nice little tableaux that includes corrugated metal, a pair of square windows, and a toilet. Although of course, the toilet isn’t functional: there’s not a flush lever. Yeah – that’s the only thing that keeps it from being operational.

Also, some might suggest (Ahem, Ehpem – I am looking at you) a certain Mondrian-esque quality to this shot. Perhaps another haiku is in order?

Lamesa, Texas

photographed 1.17.2013

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  1. yourothermotherhere

    Looks like a good place to sit and read in the sun.


  2. There is nothing like an outdoor convenience with a view. And absolutely nothing to stop someone from using this one; first use anyway.

    I am thinking there might not be enough rectangles for Mondrian in this view. However, Marcel Duchamp’s precocious “Fountain” might fit right in here. And another Haiku is certainly called for.


    • You don’t think this would be considered too derivative of “Fountain”? Because I don’t want to be derivative…

      I will forward this to the Haiku Division, and see what they say. Sometimes they resist suggestions, no matter how well-intentions those suggestions may be. Poets! You know how they are.


  3. I think that recycling would be in keeping. And, there have been 96 years now, so its due for a nod and a wink. A reference to earlier greats, sort of photography as jazz. It should be fine.

    And consider it’s history. The original of ‘Fountain’ has been lost, but a replica was made from a photograph, taken by Steiglitz no less, so this would put you in excellent company. And, it seems every time it is exhibited, performance artists find it irresistible and use the fountain – I think the curators refer to is as ‘soiling’. Now they display it in a plexiglass box. But not standing on soil, as this one is.

    I think you have all the bases covered for a proper referential photographic kowtow.


  4. Umm, sort of. If it is necessary to reduce this lovely pompous phrase to just one word, though it needs to imply ‘prone’ as well.


    • I like the pompous phrase. I mostly just wanted to say “homage.”


      • If you like it, please keep it. You can use it in your artist’s statement for your next show if you like.
        Homage has a nice sound to it, especially with a French accent. Perhaps I will try it out on the kids a few times today, see what they think.


      • I recommend the following phrase (with the French pronunciation, of course): ….an homage, if you will….

        Nathan and I say that probably more often than is really justifiable. We are easily amused.


      • It’s going to take quite a lot of creative energy to find a way to use that phrase with the boys since most of our interactions are around things like dishes and laundry and empty gas tanks. Perhaps I can trot it out when they are playing music.


      • Yes! That would be the perfect time. Make up a name – “That’s quite an homage, if you will, to the early work of MRQ Dominions, don’t you think?” Or lift a phrase from this http://www.pixmaven.com/phrase_generator.html. and use it as though it were a band’s name. (Bet you didn’t expect pixmaven to come back to haunt you this quickly, did you?)


      • Very quick!
        That’s not a bad idea. “Sexy Fish” sounds like a band name (an all to honest one at that), so does “Big Mac Aesthetic”.
        I decided I had to google the phrase “an homage, if you will” as I thought it was probably some quote I was missing. That was amusing! I especially liked the way it was used in a court case about copyright infringement on the likeness of Barney. Lots of ideas how to use it now! Too bad the boys are grown out of Barney.


      • I think I might start a band – perhaps as early as this afternoon – just so I can call it Big Mac Aesthetic. Would you like to join? It’s an homage, if you will, to earlier work by the group Barney and the Copyright Infringements, whom I am sure you are familiar with.


      • You don’t want me in any band – I am amusical to an extreme. But I will come to (at least one) concert if you play in this area….


      • I am not allowed to sing aloud. Ever. So we’d be GREAT in a band! I guess the band and I can book a few gigs when I come up for my (imaginary) (so far) photography show.


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