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Hotel visitor contemplates her day

This town was my parents’ favorite in all of England. They talked about it a lot. The Patient Spouse and I took my dad on a last trip to England after my mom died, and of course he planned a trip around this town. And then, when the Patient Spouse and I took Miss Hannah Harvey on a trip to England, we wanted to go back and see it again.

All that aside, what do you suppose that woman in the window is thinking about. Maybe it’s “why do SO MANY Texans think they need to keep coming here?”

Bourton-on-the-Water, England
photographed 6.1.2017

Garden Gate Gentleman

For reasons that I am not sure I fully understand, I haven’t been out shooting much lately. As a result, you are about to be treated to a dive into the archives.

This gentleman totally knew I’d taken his picture, didn’t he?

Snowshill Manor, England
photographed 6.4.2017

Toward the manor

A pastoral English scene – someone walking through a field toward a manor house.

(At least it seemed pastoral to me…)

Chastleton House
near Moreton-in-Marsh, England
photographed 6.3.2017

Dark gives way to light

A study of Cathedral contrasts.

Winchester Cathedral
Winchester, England
photographed 6.1.2017


An organic fence and some ivy: lovely in muted light, a light that I am not especially familiar with.

Snowshill, England
photographed 6.3.2017

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