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Educational opportunities are everywhere

Miss Hannah Harvey, heavy into a Shakespeare phase, had a strong desire to go to Stratford. In addition to one or two (million) Shakespeare things, I also got to see this very interesting scene unfolding on a rainy street.

High Street
Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
photographed 6.1.2017

Later, it rained

Another shot from the strawberry farm that I posted yesterday. The rain started later in the afternoon, which didn’t come as a surprise: look at those clouds!

Primrose Vale Farm Stand
near Cheltenham, UK
photographed 6.4.2017

Future Dessert

Our traveling companion, Miss Hannah Harvey, saw an ad for a pick-it-yourself strawberry place and strongly encouraged a visit.

It was worth the visit: later that day she used the strawberries and shortbread cookies to concoct a delicious dessert.

Primrose Vale Farm Shop
near Cheltenham, UK
photographed 6.4.2017

Wedding Chamber

According to our guide, this is the very room where Prince Charles and Camilla were married. I assume the chairs were stored elsewhere that day.

Windsor, UK
photographed 6.6.2017

One Heart

It was lunch, so we stopped for a pasty, our go-to choice. The dining room was up a steep, narrow flight of stairs. The small area was divided with wire-glass panes that had red paper hearts taped to them, which made me think maybe a Valentine’s Day party was being held shortly.

Also, because you know how I am, I did take a photo in the restroom:

Windsor, UK
photographed 6.6.2017

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