From a broken home, 2


Here’s a closer – and sadder – view of that sofa from yesterday’s post.

It wasn’t just the sofa: the sculpted carpet, long out of fashion, and the fireplace and the plastic wallboard all contributed to the sadness of the place.

New Deal, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

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  1. Never have figured why a “fireplace ” in a modular home . Is that some other modular ones in the background?


    • “Real” houses have fireplaces, I guess?

      And, yes, those are other modular homes in the background. This one was parked just outside the fence of a sales location. I am pretty sure it wanted to be good enough to have been parked on the lot with the rest of them.

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  2. Testimony to a transient society. Moving up to the then current dreams or down to reality. The fireplace is an american icon, whether it makes sense or not, part of the cherished ‘American dream’ idea.


    • Vera – around here, there’s a part of the population that rides the tides of oil production, which is always a boom/bust cycle. The recent boom is over, and there are a lot of dreams that have been shattered. I wonder if this half-home is a victim.

      Astute observation of the iconic fireplace, too.

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  3. Who uses a fireplace anyway? It’s a decoration and a symbol as Vera said. Every part of that place is damaged, ferocious weather I suppose. The town name adds irony.


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