Down by the water


First of all, where I am from the term “river” does not necessarily imply “water.” So the idea that a river has enough water to have tides? That sort of messed with me. And this river has high tides, as it’s on the famous Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world.

And the other thing is that this reminded me of a song. You know the song I mean – Down by the Water by the Decemberists.

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015

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  1. Tides are such a damned nuisance requiring crazy docks.

    There is evidence that Ungava Bay may have higher tides, at least on average, than the Bay of Fundy, but essentially they are a draw, based on the best (not very good) current data. See page 152 of this volume: if you care a whole lot about this topic and have time to waste.

    FYI, there is no link for the Decemberists’ song in your post, but I went and found it anyway. Nice song – sounds like an old traditional tune, which is in their favour to have managed that.


  2. I love those strong diagonal lines, Melinda


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