Implementing a Vision


The thing I’ve noticed is that when I make photos in a place I only visit one time, I have a weird tendency to think that everything I saw/photographed is going to always look exactly the way it did when I saw it. (Yes, yes I do need to get over myself.)

When I was working on this post the other day, I thought it might be nice to include the name of the shipyard, so I headed over to Google maps. There wasn’t a sign or anything to indicate the name of the business, but I did notice that the street view image was made in October 2015, only three months after my visit. And there was an entirely different ship* there! Because of my weird tendency and my complete ignorance about how long these sorts of things take, I was really surprised when I realized what was going on.

It doesn’t take much, some days.

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015

*Or is it a boat? I really don’t know…

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  1. This shot is loaded with all kinds of neat things. Plus rectangles!

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  2. I think that what you captured is exactly the way it always is. Those are, after all, both very fine boats, or ships, either way and on the same ways. And both are having extensive work done on their stern halves while on the same ways. The only real difference is that, for some reason, there was no colour when you were there.

    Obviously if you know a boat that needs a face lift (or is that rear lift) then this is the place to go in Annapolis Royal, and I bet that doesn’t change. No way.


  3. Great composition! I believe the backstory and how it can be interpreted adds so much value to the composition.


    • Thank you – I appreciate your comment. I try to get shots of signs to help me out later, but didn’t do it this time. It’s a good thing, though, or I wouldn’t have had any reason to look at the street view images, which led me down the path of thinking about reality and my perceptions and etc.

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  4. Confusion comes real easy these days, I find. The milk bottle hasn’t been found in the dishwasher yet, but it’ll happen.


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