Frosted Glass


You know how I like to say “look around back”?

And you know how most pictures of Pike Place Market look like this?

This is what happened when I followed my own advice.

Pike Place Market
Seattle, Washington
photographed 8.4.2014

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  1. Love it and frosted glass and block.


  2. I like that they could not find the same kind of frosted glass to fix the window, but came close enough to add interest. And that the glazing putty is so sloppy, as if they could not find someone old enough to remember how to use the stuff.

    And I really like that link of what what most photos look like, though my eyeballs are only just returning from their sharp retreat on viewing.


    • Yes! I loved that, too. I can’t decide if that replaced pane looks different because it’s a lot cleaner than the other glass, or if the pattern is a bit different. Both, I guess, are possible.

      Those other photos are pretty garish. And repetitive.

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      • Now that you mention it, I think it is because it is clean. And looking at the putty, it has only been applied on two sides and the other two look intact. So perhaps they just cleaned this one pane while replacing the putty. However it came to be, it is a nice added detail to complement the well framed (so to speak) shadows.


      • It’s pretty close to you – just across in Seattle – so if you’ve got the time, maybe you could go check on what, exactly, is going on?

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  3. Sound advice, Melinda. One of the attributes of a good photographer should always be Curiosity.


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