Old > New

An old building in downtown Wildorado, Texas, lives out the remainder of its days under the watchful – and perhaps judgey – eye of that fancy new house. Such is the way of things.

Wildorado, Texas
photographed 10.8.2021

Lucy’s Tacos

I am pretty sure Lucy makes delicious tacos. What I am less sure about is where she sells them, as the building right behind the sign appears to not have an operable kitchen. Or, you know, anything else Lucy or her customers would require.

Afton, Oklahoma
photographed 10.12.2021


The carnival wasn’t in operation the day I was there. In fact, not much of anything was in operation the day I was there.

Hydro, Oklahoma
photographed 10.10.2021


Well, here I go again, looking in windows.* I love it that someone thought storing a tire and their gigantic console television inside an abandoned filling station was a good idea.

Alanreed, Texas
photographed 10.9.2021

*To be real clear here – I only look inside places that are obviously unoccupied. If I have the slightest idea maybe someone’s still using the place, I’ll keep moving. That’s just common courtesy, right?

Deer Chicken

Yes, apparently this place DOES have deer and chicken. Except that it does seem to be out of business. And also it does seem that some clever person amended the word “beer.” But other than that…

Yukon, Oklahoma
photographed 10.13.2021

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