light leak

This is what the hotel room looked like at 10:53 pm. In case you’d wondered.

RISE Uptown Hotel
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.25.2022

not a rain culture

A man wearing a red shirt and a silver bolo tie and carrying a small leather journal noticed me as he stepped carefully through the sidewalk puddles and said, “We don’t have a rain culture here.” And it was just that lack of a rain culture that made a rainy day enjoyable.

Heard Museum
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.28.2022

south central, with murals

A alley that’s got trash dumpsters, fire-escape stairs, and a mural is surely an alley that I will stop to look at. And, of course, photograph.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.27.2022

two or three things at once

Just because I wanted to, I spent some time on a bench watching people going up and down stairs and in and out of the gallery. It felt worth it the very instant I spotted the woman dusting the railing, while a man entered the exhibit, and another man was looking at something inside.

Musical Instrument Museum
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.26.2022

proper shoppers

Oh, sure it says “proper” and it looks all ranch-y and friendly and whatnot, but it doesn’t have the sort of clothes any ranchers around here (or anyplace that I’ve seen) wear. I guess that sign in the window – the one for a company based in Hollywood – was the clue that I missed before I went in…

Fort Worth, Texas
photographed 12.24.2022

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