Leafy Fringe

Around the corner, a shy tree has taken root. The leaves, though, are thinking of checking out the world beyond their trunk. Leaves are like that.

Plainview, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

The illusion of happiness

This place tried. I’m sure it did. Someone thought it would make a good event space and even draped some tulle back there to make…well, I guess they made draped tulle. Anyway, things didn’t work out and now it just sits there, all broken windows and pigeons and faded dreams.

It was only an illusion. (Or, to quote the lettering on the barrel, an “ilusion.”)

Plainview, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

Tower (but why?)

Plainview, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

Coffee shop: napkin

In 1992, the town of Plainview stood in for fictitious Rustwater, Kansas, in the Steve Martin movie Leap of Faith; the scenes inside a diner were actually filmed in what is now called Broadway Brews.

Yesterday, I took myself on a little road trip and found myself in Plainview in the very same diner.

Plainview, Texas
photographed 10.10.2019

Fun facts:
1. The water tower still says Rustwater, Kansas.
2. And the brick wall on the alley side of Broadway Brews has a mural that references the movie.

Balance seemed iffy

Is it me, or does that building look like it’s about to fall over to the left?

Or does that joist sticking out look like a crowbar, left for a giant who is going to use it to pry the place apart?

Either way, I don’t think the long term outlook is particularly favorable.

Yeso, New Mexico
photographed 3.14.2019

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