Shiprock, in the smoke and in a hurry

Last summer, we took a long road trip; most of the trip was under skies made hazy from western wildfires. And part of the longest days of driving were conducted under Extreme Boredom Conditions. This photo is an illustration of what happens under EBCs, when I pull out a camera and just…hit the shutter. It was interesting (at least to me) that the speed blurred the road sign at about the same degree that the smoke hazed over Shiprock, off in the distance.

Shiprock, New Mexico
photographed 9.7.2020

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  1. EBC is a good one!


  2. My favourite past-time!


  3. I’ve seen Shiprock many years ago, but in better conditions. This is a cool photo because it looks so eerie! 🙂


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