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Roadside Abstract

I am not a good passenger on road trips. I get queasy if I try to read, and am not always in charge of the music selections*, and start to feel guilty if I’ve requested photo stops more often than every three or four minutes. Sometimes, it’s just easier on everyone if I drive.

But it doesn’t always work out for me to be the driver, and that’s when stuff like this** starts to happen…

Tulia, Texas
photographed 12.30.2017

*Yes. I agree that I should always get to pick the music, with my impeccable taste and all.
** If you’ll feel better for knowing, I’ll tell you it was winter field, and an oncoming ice storm.

Last week’s roses

I had a little reception at my house last month for my good friend Brett Erickson, who’d been the juror for a photography show at the Buddy Holly Center. My friend Janet did the food and decorations for it. She’s amazing, and turned my vintage dinnerware into vases, which she filled with some of most beautiful roses ever.

And, a week later, the roses were fading but still beautiful.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 7.28.2017

By then, he’d mostly moved on


A spartan room and a nearly-bare closet. Oh, and also: insomnia.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 7.9.2016

Interstate Commerce


A little something I saw when I was standing in a hotel parking lot and looking toward Interstate 40.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 3.21.2015

Sad Hannah and her dog


Hannah had just gotten some sad news, but Lola was there to help her feel better.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.20.2016

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