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It pays off to be a keen observer. It even pays off in restrooms. Because that’s where I noticed that my purse and camera, hanging on the back of the door, actually looked photo-worthy.

Mingei International Museum
San Diego, California

photographed 5.3.2022

restroom reflections

I can’t quite remember what is real and what’s a reflection, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. Which might make it sort of like Real Life, sometimes.

Lebanon, Tennessee
photographed 12.24.2021

Going up against chaos

My regular reader(s) already knows that I often photograph restrooms, and that reader is nice enough to not laugh to my face about that.

But this is a reason why I have that weird little habit: that turned-over trash can was just ASKING to be photographed, if you ask me.

Another one of my weird photographic habits, which my brain tends to do all on its own without any assistance from me, is to place song lyrics in my head when I see scenes like this. Usually they are Bruce Cockburn lyrics and usually they don’t seem to have a very strong connection to the actual scene. Today’s lyrics, suggested by Melinda’s Brain, come from a song called “Going up Against Chaos.” And if you listen to the lyrics and can figure out a connection to this photo, please let me know: I’ll be damned if I can tell what it is.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 2.17.2021

I am that person

I feel like you already know this, but I am indeed that person who takes a camera into the restroom. And this is why.

King’s Inn Restaurant
Loyola Beach, Texas
photographed 11.23.2019

Inside Outhouse

So, maybe people give me That Look when I take my camera with me to a restroom. And maybe those same people would never even notice how lovely the inside of this restroom was. That’s on them, and I’ll keep taking my camera with me.

But – and you’ll just have to trust me on this – if there are other people in the restroom, I won’t take a picture. Because that’s just weird.

Toimi, Minnesota
photographed 9.26.2019

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