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a pink sofa

This place used to be a very nice fabric store. It’s the same store where my mom and I found the fabric for my wedding dress, which she sewed from a Vogue pattern (because I was fancy like that and because she was an excellent seamstress). I love it that time has folded over on itself: now it’s a wedding dress store.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.18.2022

Window shopping: hats

I sure do like a good hat, which makes me also like a good hat store.

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop – Geary Street
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.15.2019

Window shopping: sequins

If you walk all the way through Chinatown on Grant Avenue (as you know we did because of this and this), you’ll pass through the Dragon Gate*, and then skirt the edges of the fanciness that is the retail environment of Union Square.

And good news for fans of dresses that are generously sequined – they appear to be in fashion at this time.**

San Francisco, California
photographed 4.15.2019

*You may be wondering what the very first business is that you’ll spot when you leave Chinatown. And it won’t be a surprise when I tell you that it’s Starbucks. Because of course it is.
**How long does “at this time” last in the fashion world? I’m asking for a friend, although I am the current owner of a pair of fabulous Doc Marten boots that are covered in black sequins and you can bet your ass that I’ll be wearing them until the last few sequins fall right off, no matter what fashion says. (True fact: I am wearing them RIGHT NOW as I write the post.)

Window Shopping, 4


Every now and then, I make pictures of stores that aren’t out of business. (I know: that doesn’t sound like me AT ALL. But still…)

This then, is the fourth installment of my sporadic series that I call Window Shopping. You can see the other ones here and here and

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.15.2016

Window shopping, 3


This night view of the wig store joins my other two window shopping images (here and here). I’ve also spotted a wedding dress store and a “lingerie”* store that may soon join the series.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 10.31.2014

*Yes, it’s probably exactly what you are thinking it is.

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