Dusk, Grant Avenue

We walked through Chinatown one night, just at dusk. Of course, walking is generally acknowledged as the only way to be able to see Chinatown, and going at dusk was a photographic gold mine, with only a few shops open and not many people around to clutter things up.

Wait until you see what I post tomorrow!

Grant Avenue
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.15.2019

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  1. You have captured in San Francisco. I grant you that.


  2. Nice shot and…can hardly wait till tomorrow!


  3. Awesome. A mix of old and new. The tower is, or was, the TransAmerica Building I think.


    • My family traveled to San Francisco when the building was fairly new. My dad, a civil engineer, had LOTS to say about it. It’s sort of a shame that I wasn’t paying attention; somehow it’s hard to pay attention when you’re rolling your eyes.


  4. So many great photos, Melinda, and I have been away for weeks, so I will never catch up, but please know that I admire your work. 🙂


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