Fenced mountains

This? Oh, this is just a little view from the Point Reyes peninsula toward Tomales Bay and the rest of California, all held at bay by a fence.

Point Reyes National Seashore
photographed 4.16.2019

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  1. Don’t you love it when it all lines up like that?


  2. Truly, California must be kept at bay. Here’s the deal: I go to great lengths to leave fences out. You deliberately put them in, and it works.


    • You would have enjoyed watching me on Saturday night, shooting through a chain link fence around a construction area. My camera lens is small enough that it just fits through the fence openings, and I made a lot of photos that way, deliberately keeping the fence out. (The security guy on the site trailed me the whole time I was shooting but never said anything to me. Maybe I scared him?)


  3. That is one strong fence and image.


  4. Good photo..I love fences , they tell something, stops it being yet another pretty scene.


    • Now that I think about it, I have a rather large set of images with fences in them, so obviously I like them, too! And if there’s one thing I don’t like it is something that is too pretty – you’ve probably already noticed that I lean toward the grittier scenes.


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