One building, a lot of information


Goodness. There’s a lot going on at this tiny building. We learn that only one employee may park here. We note that the door seems very well secured. We can see that it is a “tobacco environment.” And then…there it is: irony.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.15.2015

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  1. Great image, made me smile :>)


  2. A health center with a tobacco environment 😮


  3. I wonder which employee gets to park here. And if they were to car-pool with another employee(s) are they allowed to park here, or is the singular enforced? Is that why the sign was modified – it used to say employees, which was confusing, and car pooling is frowned upon? Does the parker have to be a smoker – maybe one with emphysema so that parking by the door keeps that person’s lungs fit enough for a smoke, rather than having coughing fits due to walking from a few stalls away? Can you drop by there and ask? I am very curious about this.


    • Ha! Ha! Carpooling!! Here in Texas we don’t believe in carpooling. If God had wanted us to carpool he wouldn’t have given us two-car garages!

      Your questions are all very interesting, and while I certainly don’t mind dropping by and asking, don’t you think it would be better if you asked them yourself? That way any follow-up questions (and of course there will be follow-up questions!) can be asked right then.


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