Spiral Portal


I’d seen this particular bit of tar-based whimsey before, on Ehpem’s blog. Like many of his images, this one stuck with me and so I was happy to get to see if for myself during last month’s trip to Victoria (and beyond). I like how it reflects the light, and how, if you squint just right, it looks like an opening…

No? That last part is just me? That is not the first time that’s happened. If you can imagine!

Victoria, British Columbia

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  1. You got a great sky on our visit, and with your post-magic. Ever since first noticing this portal (it is a portal btw) I have been fascinated by it. I did do a post showing passing vehicles and their shadows in relation to it http://wp.me/p1R4lY-5Zs. There is more that can be done with it I expect, but you certainly nailed it on your first try.


    • Well, I had the benefit of having seen your shots before I got there; that was a big help. I’d like to see that portal at night – it seems like it might reflect some of the ambient light in an interesting way. Obviously, this will require another trip up your way…

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  2. I remember this too. You were blessed with a superb sky for your shot, Melinda


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