White on white, 4


Back by popular demand (I am looking at you, Oneowner and Ehpem!): entry number four in the white on white series.

Other shots in the series include:
Alpine, Texas.
Alpine, Texas, again.
Marfa, Texas.

Who knows? Possibly in the future I will leave Texas in search of more entries.

A county building.
Colorado City, Texas

photographed 3.13.2013

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  1. Beautiful photo! 🙂


  2. This is a fantastic series, don’t stop. But why would anyone want to leave Texas?
    BTW, thanks for the plug.


    • It’s not that we WANT to leave – it’s that sometimes we HAVE to. For example, in just a few weeks, I have to go to Illinois and (and!) Michigan. So you can look forward to white-on-white from two additional states.

      No problem on the plug – glad to do it! I bet you noticed a HUGE increase in visits at your site as a result….


  3. You’re so good with tones and composition.

    By the way, I’m usually using my phone from which I no longer have any access to ‘likes’.
    So sometimes I just write ‘like’.


  4. I am glad to see this series continuing, this one is white on white on white. I love the composition of this shot. You teach me things…

    BTW, I wondered where that huge spike in viewership came from – I thought it must be a Lightstalking mention but no, it was MGH at work!


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