White on white, 3


The front entrance to Carmen’s Restaurant. The side of the building was previously featured here.

It’s also the third entry in the White on White series. You can find the first two here and here.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 1.21.2113

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  1. I really like the White on White series you’ve started. Keep it up.


  2. Very well seen and done.


  3. I’m with Ken about your white on white series. This one has all those tasty rectangles that you make into your own so well.


    • Thanks. As I told Ken, there are more white-on-whites on the way.

      I DO tend toward rectangles, don’t I? It’s probably environmental: Lubbock’s streets are laid out in a rigid east-west/north-south grid, and all these years of living amongst paved rectangles has begun to influence me.

      Or something like that.


      • It is interesting thing how comfortable we are with rectangles considering how not-natural and non-organic they are. We have filled our lives with rectangles, trained our brains to like them. We tame nature with rectangles a lot of the time too.


      • Putting corners on things = a power play?

        You should fly in to Lubbock sometime – the farms are all laid out on a square grid. The irrigation systems are big center-pivot systems, so there are now circles (some of them 1 mile across) inlaid inside the squares. It’s a little hard to describe, but I like looking at it from the air.


      • Oh, or you could see the same thing with the satellite image on Google maps. That’s probably easier.


      • I will have to look for that, it sounds waaay too geometric.


      • If you want some good examples of circles and squares, look up Hart, Texas. It’s about 75 miles NW of Lubbock. It might look like a quilt….


      • Holy cow Melinda – what a totally awesome satellite image that makes – quilt, or some kind of mathematicians practice board. What a crazy landscape. Which can only be fully appreciated from the air too.


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