The sea is a friend to no one


Airport security’s done on a little bit smaller scale on Taveuni; this gentleman was hard at work, doing something airport-related, with his back toward an open door.  No one stopped me from taking a photograph, and I wasn’t pulled for additional security screening when we left.  In fact, there wasn’t any kind of security screening when we left.

I like the glass jalousie windows – not all the houses on the island had glass windows, but the ones that did had jalousies.  I liked the worn furniture.

But mostly I liked the reminder, pinned to the bulletin board, that the sea is a friend to no one.

Matei Airport
Taveuni Island, Fiji

photographed 7.6.2013

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  1. Really like this shot, a lot.


  2. It’s this kind of simple lifestyle we could never see here but I could really get used to Island living.


  3. Similarly, over here, there’s plenty of small rural airports with no security at all


    • It was a nice change from what I am used to – basically we showed up at the airport, and when the plane got there, we climbed aboard. (Although I will say that the part about having to stand on the scales when we checked in was a little disconcerting. But I’d rather fly on a plane that’s got the passengers’ weight distributed evenly!)


  4. This is my style of airport security too. I still get to experience it from time to time in remote corners of BC, but it is disappearing fast.


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