Its Cold Grip


Winter held the cemetery near Las Truchas in its cold grip, a marked change from the the conditions when I was there in March.

Las Truchas, New Mexico
photographed 12.24.2015

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  1. I like the way you have framed this shot, Melinda. I’ve been thinking of you in the past few days as news has come through of the horrendous weather you have been experiencing – not just the snow but also the Tornadoes sweeping through Dallas where I believe you have family. Hope you are all safe. Let’s hope and pray that some sort of normality returns in the New Year. All the very best to you and your family for 2016.


    • Thanks, Andy. I had the advantage of having been here before, so I sort of knew what I was wanting to get this time.

      My office has been closed all week because of the snow, which is only now starting to melt. We’re not used to this much snow, or for snow that lasts more than a day! And, yes, I do have family in the Dallas area; my daughter-in-law is from there. They were very close to the tornadoes there on Saturday night, but were able to get back to Lubbock yesterday.

      It’s been a difficult few months, for reasons other than the weather, so I DO hope we get some normality soon.

      And, my best wishes to you and your family, too. I hope you get settled into your new home, and I look forward to seeing images from the new things you’ll be discovering.


  2. The flowers on right post make this a great shot.


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