Preparations at the Alamo


Until I spent a few days at the Menger Hotel, with a room that faced the plaza in front of the Alamo, I really didn’t have any idea how many events take place there. There were several every day; set-up started early to accommodate the back-to-back scheduling.

the Alamo
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 10.25.2014

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  1. I find the Alamo, the idea not so much the physical thing, a fascinating distillation of the American talent for origin-myth making. From afar it seems almost religious – the wild west, guns, stars and stripes, Saint Crockett, as told in the Gospel of John Wayne, etc.

    It would hardly be surprising if eventually this building were encased inside a much bigger church-like structure. Then there would be no need to put up, and take down, daily, the temporary altars and pews that you have captured here.


    • LOVE your reference to temporary altars and pews, and am sure wishing I’d come up with it!

      The Daughters of the Republic of Texas just got booted out of their role of running the place (, so it will be interesting to see if there are any changes. (Also, in the article, note the name of the Texas Land Commissioner.)

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      • That is interesting that such a stalwart old fashioned and likely Republican group would be given the boot – those contractual breaches must have been quite serious. Sadly, I hit a paywall so can only read a couple of sentences of the article.


      • The article never did detail the contractual breaches, but it is just as likely to be some buddies of the Land Commissioner (George P. Bush. No lie) who wanted the gig as it is *actual* problems. Although the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (usu. just called the Daughters) were notoriously a pain in the ass.

        Either way – that’s Texas for you!

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      • Ha! GPB would make an appropriate high priest of the Alamo.

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