The early sun slices across the letters of the old dime store.

Of course, Kress stores have been gone for a while; this is now a restaurant. I’m glad they kept the letters.

San Antonio, Texas
photographed 10.25.1014

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  1. Great photo. interesting history too, thanks for the link. I see Sears is going to close down soon so says a Yahoo story which must include Kmart too as they own that.


    • Thanks, John. The top photo in the article is the old Kress store in Lubbock, where I live. It’s vacant now, and was mostly recently a Goodwill store. My husband sent me a text yesterday, as he was eating lunch across the street, telling me that he wished he could afford to buy the building and renovate it. He didn’t know that I’d scheduled the KRESS photo on the blog, so it was sort of a weird coincidence.

      We have a big KMart here; it’s just a few blocks from Target. Target’s parking lot always has more cars than KMart’s does.


      • Target recently tried an expansion into Canada, in the process closing and replacing some long standing Canadian equivalents to KMart. It was an abysmal failure and they killed their Canadian business a couple of years later. There are lots of empty Target stores waiting for new tenants. The store architecture is horrible, but I did try to make it interesting on a roll of film, with limited success. Provides a sharp contrast to this lovely Kress facade.


      • I remember talking about Target’s closings when I was up last spring.

        I like your images of the stores – you don’t have to have beautiful architecture to make good photos. It’s just more fun when the building’s not awful.

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  2. Very impressive architecture for a “five and dime”. Compare your image to today’s equivalent discount store and… well, there is no comparison. I avoid K-mart and Walmart but do like Target as they have a sense of design and style, but not of the same level apparently as Kress did.


  3. Surrealistic ! the image and the flow of history both.


  4. How long did you have to wait for that little slice of sun?


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