Street Rhythm


I had a tripod. And a night where I felt like staying in. So naturally I amused myself by taking lots of photos of the various traffic patterns on the street below my hotel room. That’s a normal thing to do, right?

Seattle, Washington
photographed 4.19.2015

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    • ?, indeed. Where’d the picture go? It used to be there…and I put it back.

      Thanks for your kind reminder that I’d completely messed up this post. The funny part is that 13 people had “liked” it WITHOUT the image. Do you think that’s a hint? Like maybe I don’t even need the photos…?!

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      • It’s just such a pleasure to hear from you every day. btw, excellent shot. I just bought a new tripod and it’s working out very well.


      • What kind of tripod did you get? I have an entry-level one and am thinking a new tripod should be my next upgrade.


      • I purchased an Orbit 3Pod with a Pergear ball head from Amazon. Neither are the top of the line but they both are very good quality and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to go out in public with them. The reason I bought the 3Pod is because it can rotate the center column 90 degrees so you can shoot straight down. I have needed this feature for a long time and had to use my old tripod in a jury-rigged position with counterweights to get a good result. You could spend more but the first rule of tripods is you must be able to have it with you at all times. If it’s too heavy or too bulky you won’t carry it. I thought the 3Pod struck a nice balance at a very good price. Also, the ball head has a D-ring on the screw to attach the camera to the plate that sits on top. Some heads don’t have that and you have to carry a coin or accessory to attach the camera to the plate. Or you can keep the plate attached to the camera at all times.


      • Thanks for the information. I’ve looked at tripods, at the local camera store and online, but get quickly overwhelmed by all the choices. (And, in the case of the local camera store, I also get quickly overwhelmed by the cranky old men who run the place. I have a theory that B&H staffs local camera stores with jerks, so people like me will forgo the local idiots.)


  1. No comment to think of !


  2. That’s more like it and worth the wait !


  3. Totally normal thing. I have done the same thing, which makes it normal, right?
    Nice picture too, I like how the reflection is like a double exposure layering the inside and the outside.


    • Yes. If BOTH of us do it, it is automatically normal. According to us, anyway.

      This is another example of one I overlooked at the time. Or, in this case, I didn’t so much overlook it as I just didn’t like it. I didn’t like the motion in the tree on the bottom right. And I didn’t like the part you mentioned – the reflections! Neither of those things bother me at all now. (Does that mean my standards are slipping?! I hope not!)

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      • I don’t think so, your standards are just transforming as you learn. Also, getting some space from one’s expectations of a photo so one can see the good in what was actually made can be tough sometimes and takes time.


      • “Transforming as you learn” sounds pretty classy. I may get that printed on my business cards:

        Melinda Green Harvey

        “She’s transforming as she learns.”

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  4. You ask that as if it might not be normal… am I missing something?

    I’ve been wanting to do pictures like this again, but I just haven’t made myself do it… yet.


  5. A great photo .. my night photo collection is lacking for the same reason I think 😃


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