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Shop window, selling shiny dreams


I don’t know why stores like this almost always catch my attention. It’s not like I’m currently in the market for sparkly dresses. Or was ever in the market for sparkly dresses, for that matter.

Maybe it’s the way the light bounces around from bead to sequin to rhinestone? Or maybe there are deep-seated psychological reasons that no one wants me to deal with here on the blog.

But, at any rate, I spotted this last summer and couldn’t resist making the shot.

East Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
photographed 6.23.2016

Self Serve


You know that I almost never make pictures that have people in them, but sometimes things are just too tempting to resist. I missed the best part though, which was when the man with the dog took cell-phone photos of the older gentleman. There was just something about it that was so dear that I had to look away.

along Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
photographed 6.23.2016

Preparations for the weekend


There was going to be some sort of event in the park – the city crews spent the better part of the week getting the tents set up. I overheard a couple discussing it – the man said, “I think it’s the food festival.” and the woman said, “Oh! That can be our adventure this weekend.” That little scrap of their conversation made me smile and I hope they did enjoy it.

St. Petersburg, Florida
photographed 10.27.2014

Hotel Lobby


Florida’s not JUST parking garage vents; it’s also got hotel lobbies. This one is in the Vinoy Renaissance. It was a grand hotel in the 1920s, then fell into disrepair before being redone. Among nice things at the Vinoy is a wide, shady front porch with rocking chairs and a view of a park and the bay. There’s a very good possibility that I’ve spent my fair share of time on the porch…

St. Petersburg, Florida
photographed 10.27.2014

Nice but not expensive


Found this little getaway down in Florida. Maybe this is where I am now, on my internet-free vacation….

Hint: see how that one sign says “free WiFi”?

St. Petersburg, Florida
photographed 10.29.2010

Travel = good! Travel with no internet = I’m a little nervous. If you want to comment on this post, please do. I promise that once the internet and I are on speaking terms again, I will get back to you. (I think we’ll be back together on July 7.)

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