What do you think is wrong with me?*

I go to Florida, stay in a lovely hotel by the bay, and take a picture of the ventilation louvers from the parking garage?!?

St. Petersburg, Florida
photographed 10.27.2014

*Maybe I don’t really want you to answer that…

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  1. There is NOTHING wrong with you (I’ve been to Florida)…


  2. Nothing is wrong with you that isn’t wrong with me too, a love of patterns and shadows.


  3. I thought of my comment before I read those already written and it is this: there’s nothing wrong with you that isn’t also wrong with me. Wherever we go, if we have the ability to see, I reckon that about 50% of the shots taken are likely to have absolutely nothing to do with where we are – they are the incidental findings that our eye latches on to.


    • I may have mentioned this book to you before – The Practice of Contemplative Photography, by Andy Karr. It is an excellent resource on learning how to connect with the rich visual details that are always present. I’ve learned a lot from it.


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