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Louisiana Gothic


Just a photographer and her camera and a church with Gothic windows and a conveniently-placed leading line…

St. Charles Borromeo Church
St. Charles, Louisiana
photographed 1.9.2016

Upon Row


Above-ground tombs like this are always a sign of a high water table. Or a low elevation. The camera’s GPS says the elevation of this place is 39.4 feet, which is actually relatively high for this part of Louisiana; there were many places that had elevations in the negative numbers.

It was a lovely cemetery, nicely kept with new white paint on rows and rows of markers.

St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery
St. Charles, Louisiana
photographed 1.9.2016

An Unexplained Estrangement


Who knows why a few graves are set away from the main part of the cemetery, pushed to the corner like that?

St. Charles Borromeo cemetery
St. Charles, Louisiana

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