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Hotel pool

This other project I’m working on has been keeping me busy to the point where I haven’t been able to get out and make new photos. Sorry about that, but at least this one is new to all my follower(s) even though I actually made it a couple of years ago.

If you’re wondering what the Hampton Inn pool looks like at dawn, this ought to help. Although I can’t imagine why anyone would wonder about that…

Lafayette, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017

The Window Weeps


The window looks like it’s weeping – and it may be. Who are we to say otherwise?

Lafayette, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

To Ascend


“Oh, you must go inside! It’s beautiful,” said the parishioner leaving after Mass.

She was right. Even the foyer was lovely, with the play of light on the surfaces and the hint of mystery about what was at the top of the stairs.

(And in case you wondered, the slope-shouldered gentleman there on the wall is St. Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney, the patron of parish priests.)

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
Lafayette, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

Acadian Superette


I had a work trip to New Orleans earlier this month, and stayed over for the weekend to visit Lafayette and some other areas in the Acadian parishes of the state; it’s for a project that I’m working on, which will begin to be revealed here on the blog one of these days.

But not yet.

I liked Lafayette, and am looking forward to getting back there to work on my project a little bit more.

And maybe when I’m back this place will be open. I rather like the looks of it.

Lafayette, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

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