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Acadian Superette


I had a work trip to New Orleans earlier this month, and stayed over for the weekend to visit Lafayette and some other areas in the Acadian parishes of the state; it’s for a project that I’m working on, which will begin to be revealed here on the blog one of these days.

But not yet.

I liked Lafayette, and am looking forward to getting back there to work on my project a little bit more.

And maybe when I’m back this place will be open. I rather like the looks of it.

Lafayette, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

Campaign for Restoration


Not only does this church in the French Quarter have regular Masses and other, ordinary churchy things, tourists stop in to check it out. It’s always busy, so I’m sure the ongoing maintenance costs are high. There’s been a church on this site since 1718, and this building’s been here since 1850.

Also, it’s said to be haunted. Père Antoine is said to appear during Christmas Midnight Mass. And Père Dagobert also haunts the place and can be heard chanting the Kyrie on rainy days.

I didn’t see any ghosts, and none have appeared in the images that I made, for whatever that’s worth

St. Louis Cathedral
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 1.8.2016

An Unexplained Estrangement


Who knows why a few graves are set away from the main part of the cemetery, pushed to the corner like that?

St. Charles Borromeo cemetery
St. Charles, Louisiana

Mirror Pool


I am not sure what the actual definition of “bayou” is, but I think it means “like a river, only without a discernible current.” But that lack of a current made the water into a pool mirroring back the building on the opposite shore.

along the Bayou Lafourche
Thibodeaux, Louisiana

(OK. I went ahead and looked up the definition, so you don’t have to.)

It’s Worth More


This place is just across the street from a Family Dollar or a Dollar General or one of those places that have popped up everywhere; its days are likely numbered, but that may not make them worth more than any other sort of day.

Rayne, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

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