Mirror Pool


I am not sure what the actual definition of “bayou” is, but I think it means “like a river, only without a discernible current.” But that lack of a current made the water into a pool mirroring back the building on the opposite shore.

along the Bayou Lafourche
Thibodeaux, Louisiana

(OK. I went ahead and looked up the definition, so you don’t have to.)

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  1. No discernible current and no small boy throwing stones to create ripples! Perfect reflection, Melinda


    • Thanks, Andy. The day had been overcast, so it was nice of the sun to come out for this shot!

      My granddaughter Hannah wants to learn photography. She’s especially interested in reflections, and told me the other day that she wants to try to get a picture of a reflection with some ripples in it. Kind of proud of that kid!


  2. A friend allows his eight year old use the DSLR or P&S at times. Nathaniel puts us to shame at times. Just a warning. As to your shot, great DOF and subject.


  3. That’s a beautiful photo, Melinda. The mix of ‘industry’ and nature is fantastic, especially in b&w!


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